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Electric Wine Cellars or Wine Chillers are specialised refrigerators that are very different from an ordinary household fridge. They are used to cool, preserve and age wine under the perfect conditions. They have dual zone temperature settings for keeping Red and White wines at separate stable temperatures in the same Cellar. SnoMaster Wine Cellars all have a digital temperature controller for strict temperature stability and maintain humidity (between 50-80%) preventing dried out corks. Circulation fans balance cabinet temperature & humidity. SnoMaster Wine Cellars use LED lights instead of damaging fluorescent light which produces heat and can degrade the quality and affect the subtle tastes and flavours of your wines. They also have low vibration compressors, which prevent the sediment in wine from disturbance, ensuring the natural ageing process is undisturbed. All of our SnoMaster Wine Cellars are front discharging (blow hot air out the front of fridge) allowing the unit to be built in or kept in a confined area, they also have an auto defrost feature to prevent frost build-up.